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Healthy Living

I always advocate a healthy lifestyle. Only when your health is in top order, your mind functions well. In my own life I have seen that philosophy to work 100% and has helped me in my career development as well as in nurturing my relationships with my clients.

Pro Health Tip 1

Let me list down some of my own personal habits and preferences that keep me in the pink of my health.

1. As you get out of bed in the morning, have a glass of room temperature water with lime, cinnamon and honey. Always avoid cold water. Room temperature or lukewarm water is the best.

2. Start your day with a whole fruit, not a fruit juice. Best fruits to have are bananas, apples and oranges.

3. Avoid butter and/or hard boiled eggs. Instead have 2-3 slices of white or whole-wheat bread with 2 quarter boiled eggs. Or have a bowl of oat milk with berries and nuts.

4. Avoid coffee, Have a cup of light tea instead, without sugar.

5. For lunch have 120 grams of cooked white or brown rice with one portion of lean meat and double portion of stir fried veggies. If you are a vegetarian, add another portion of crunchy vegetables or boiled pulses or lentils.

6. Have a cup of tea, without sugar in the mid afternoon with whole-wheat biscuits.

7. Have an early dinner of soup with chicken stock or vegetable stock and noodles and/or green veggies.

8. Avoid smoking completely. You may have a couple of glasses of wine or 2 small pegs of whiskey on a Friday or a Saturday evening. It will be good if you could avoid that completely.

Follow this routine for a couple of months and let me know how you feel.

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Pro Health Tip 2

It is very important to work your body. What I mean by that is you must engage in physical activities, sports, yoga and gym training. Only when the body works there is constant loss of energy and hence the body needs to replace that lost energy from food. Only then does the body metabolize the food that you take, well enough to replenish the lost energy. That in turn builds your body resistance, antibodies to fight germs and viruses as well as release a hormone called oxytocin, which binds human beings together and makes them happy.

Please be mindful of the following.

1. Try to do your exercises be at home or at the gym before a big meal, typically lunch. During lunch have a meal that replaces the energy that you have lost during the gym session. Avoid a gym session after a big meal.

2. Do have a energy boosting small meal about 45 minutes before your exercise as that will provide you with the much needed energy for the gym session.

3. Have 2-3 liters of room temperature water every day.

4. Always do yoga when the sun in not at its peak. Ideal time to do yoga is from 6am to 9am and from 5pm to 6pm in tropical countries. One of the main objectives of hatha yoga is to raise the temperature of the body only slightly above normal to protect the body from germs and viruses. Please note that if the body temperature goes up excessively, that can be fatal. Hence it is advisable not to do yoga when the temperature outside is high with the sun up in its full glory.

5. When you do yoga, gym training or exercises at home, remain in the present. What I mean by that is your mind must focus on the activity, the parts of the body that activity serves. Also ensure that the form of the body during the activity is accurate.

6. Always try to develop a regular daily routine for yoga, gym training, exercise at home or to play a sport ideal for you. That will get registered by your mind and it will be prepared for those activities at those regular times of the day. The mind will also plan or device a methodology to rejuvenate the body thereafter.

7. Body requires 3 elements from food everyday. It needs protein, carbs and fat, all in appropriate proportions. You will get animal protein from meat and vegetable protein from vegetables and lentils. You will get carbs from rice, wheat or potatoes. You will get oil from the oil the protein and the carbs were cooked in. Hence it is advisable to avoid animal fat and stick to pure lean meat. Merely having meat and not consuming vegetables do not work. You will need protein and other essentials from both of them. Also vegetables provide the much needed fibers to digest and remove the waste from the body. Other super food that you must take every day are fruits and nuts. They will also provide the necessary roughage, vitamins, essential oils and minerals that the body requires or is deficient of.

8. Your last meal of the day must not be after 9pm if you go to bed at midnight. You must provide 3 hours after a meal before you hit the bed every night. Remember it is advisable to go hungry to bed at night.

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