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FREE TOOL: 6 Figure Corporate Job to Master Entrepreneur by Saurav Mukherjee

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My eBook on the 3 Step Tool to entrepreneurial success with worksheets is a free tool that allows you to rate your chances of being successful as an entrepreneur. There are 3 bands of success. Depending upon your score, you will fall under one of the ones. I would suggest that you be 100% honest with your ratings as that will really determine a more genuine chance of hitting the mark as an entrepreneur.

With the 3 step tool you will get the following:

My story from a 6 figure globe trotting corporate job to a success entrepreneur.


A 3 step tool explained to you along with the worksheets for you to evaluate yourself.


How much I scored on my own tool.

If you do not hit the band today that ensures your success as an entrepreneur, do not lose hope. Please come back and evaluate yourself again. I have added a date column on the top so that you can track the date of your assessment. Be mindful that the worksheets are for your own self assessment and is ideally not to be shared with anyone. If you like the tool, please recommend and share this page with others so that they too can be benefited.

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